Margaret Tanner Glover

CEO and Founder

Margaret Tanner Glover is a former Captain in the U.S. Air Force who served as a Project/Program manager working in a world-wide theatre with a cross-functional team on a space defense program requiring complex logistics for a successful product delivery. After her time in the Air Force, she worked as a Project/Program Manager in the Telecom/IT Industry as a Director of Software Process Improvement at US Robotics/ 3Com Corp, which involved writing Design Control procedures for the electro-mechanical products for all the Engineering functions (mechanical, electrical, software and applications) with the building and delivery of modems and IT products.

Margaret also has extensive experience in teaching and training as a former Adjunct Professor at Colorado University who taught a master’s course in Software Product Management (EMEN 5430). Margaret also was a developer and Air Force Instructor for the “Joint Space Fundamentals” course in the Air Force.

Margaret uses worldwide industry best practices in Project Management. Margaret is a specialist in metrics and measurement analysis with implementation of statistical process control of defect density and productivity analysis with the result to improve customer satisfaction and business revenue.

Margaret Tanner Glover, CEO and Founder